风险字节 #35-网络中立-回到未来?

风险字节 #35-网络中立-回到未来?


The two lead articles are on the net neutrality debate and Snap’s new search feature respectively. Net Neutrality is a hot button issue and appears to be reverting back in favor of the broadband carriers, if the new FCC commissioner gets his way. Snap’s new search feature could improve the content discovery on the site and make it more attractive to new users and advertisers.


Venture Bytes #34 – Google Misfires

on April 5, 2017

This first lead article titled “Google Misfires” is our take on the backlash from the major brands following the improper ad placements on YouTube. The second article “A Stumble or a Fall” handicaps Samsung’s odds of winning back the trust and reputation with its new Galaxy S8 phone, given that hardware companies – unlike software and services companies – don’t get the benefit of three strikes before they are out.


Venture Bytes #33 – Snap Out of It


This edition’s two lead articles are titled “Snap Out of It” and “A Culture of Smoke & Mirrors”. The Snap article highlights the risk of basing the bull case of the story on the Millennial user base, which tends to be trendy and fickle. The second article is our take on the recent sexual harassment issue at Uber and the general culture in Silicon Valley firms.


Venture Bytes #32 – All Competition is Local

on February 1, 2017

We have two lead articles. The first “All Competition is Local” is a nod to strong competition from local incumbents in the international markets. The second lead article is titled “AI has Arrived”. With the technology maturing, funds flowing and the pace of acquisitions accelerating, AI has arrived and is well positioned to be transformational.


Venture Bytes #31 – Riding Out the Regulatory Turbulence

on January 4, 2017

For this edition of VB we are back to two lead articles. The first one: “Trump Rally and the Binary Impact” touches on the regulatory skirmishes that the gig economy companies are facing – and continue to face – as the debate over creative disruption and the status quo rages on. The second article: “Infrastructure Investment Benefits Go Beyond the Industrial Sector” states our case that the Technology sector will be a big beneficiary of the infrastructure spending that President-elect Trump has promised to unleash.


Venture Bytes #30 – Trump Rally and the Binary Impact

on December 12, 2016

The lead article, Trump Rally and the Binary Impact, suggests that both the public and private markets have reasons to worry and rejoice in anticipation of how the dust will settle.


Venture Bytes #29 – Is Public the New Private?


The two lead articles are Is Public the New Private? and It’s the Content Stupid. The first one looks at the public valuations and the second is our takeaway from the AT&T – Time Warner proposed merger.


Venture Bytes #28 – Exposure Hunters and 2016 IPOs

on October 20, 2016

The first lead article, Exposure Hunters and 2016 IPO, is our commentary on the recent spate of successful tech IPOs. The second lead article is titled Streaming Music Hitting its Stride in India is a look at the streaming music landscape in India.


Venture Bytes #27 – The Myth of One

on September 23, 2016

The first lead article, The Myth of One, is our take on the common belief across the tech land that there will be one winner in a category. There seems to be very little evidence to suggest this is accurate and a fair amount of evidence to suggest it is false. The second lead article is titled Are Bots the New Apps? Bots are in the spotlight lately. Facebook set the ball in motion with the recent launch of bots on its messenger platform. While the applications of bots are appealing. It is still early days as a number of factors have to line up before we see mass adoption.


风险字节 #26 –受到危险的冲击


第一篇主要文章被风险所冲击, 是对最近的波动性和公共市场上戏剧性的资产重新定价的评论。我们认为, 也许是时候做出一个有说服力的理解, 忽略短期信号, 保持理性的路线。第二条主要的文章, 独角兽在债务融资中找到了宗教?, 看看最近由高科技独角兽所发的债务。我们没有看到这些债务交易产生任何负面影响, 并且认为, 面对低利率, 减少稀释的机会, 最终在不放弃控制的情况下获得财政灵活性, 企业是机会主义的。 


风险字节 #25-Blockchain


第一篇主要文章, 从狂放的西部到华尔街, 是在 Blockchain。开放源码软件发布七年后, Blockchain 技术正在获得越来越多的吸引力, 尽管它是逐步和有选择的。
第二篇文章, 也许 (不是) 工作, 是我们对可能的就业报告的接受。我们认为, 工资和就业正在发出令人担忧的信号, 市场是 visioned 对利率影响的隧道。大量而不断增长的证据表明, 经济一直并且继续扰乱许多人, 甚至更令人失望。  


风险字节 #24-就业报告


第一篇文章, 《就业和岛屿自负》, 是我们从劳工统计局的《就业报告》中接受的。第二条线索, 赢家是...?看看雅虎的核心资产和可能的赢家的潜在竞购者。


风险字节 #23 –一个月的不同之处


第一个, 一个月的差异, 是对公共和私人市场估值之间相互作用的评论。我们认为, 随着私人股本继续增长并成为资产类别, 公共和私人股价走势之间的关联似乎在增长。从短期来看, 这是令人鼓舞的。从长远来看, 这是很好的了解。第二条领先的文章, ipo 前回报率最高的 ipo 后回报, 看看20技术 ipo 的回报率自2011年以来。我们研究的关键结论是, ipo 前投资和 ipo 后投资之间的收益差距很大, 有利于 ipo 前的投资。事实证明, 回报远远超过了风险。


风险字节 #22-好消息-坏消息


第一个, 好消息-坏消息, 是我们从劳工统计局的最后一份就业报告中接受的。简言之, 这份报告大体上符合我们的信念, 即技术本身、投资和宏观经济, 正在建立一个周期, 未来18月, 这将是所有关于运作和成本节约。最近几周工资数据的不断上涨和生产率报告的放缓支持了这篇论文。第二篇主要文章是关于一个专有的实地调查, 我们的合作伙伴在印度进行了了解在印度的竞争电子商务环境的关键。毫不奇怪, Flipkart 似乎是所有类别的领导者, 与亚马逊印度和 Snapdeal 不远落后。有趣的数据。 


风险字节 #21-在肩上


在肩上, 我们的目光回到2015和展望未来2016。我们将2015视为 "十字路口年"。我们期待在我们整合新技术和准备另一次快速提升之前, 再一次陡峭的攀登之前暂停。


风险字节 #20 –点击砖块?


点击砖块?, 突出了从今年黑色星期五和网络星期一购物天几个数据点。主要的外卖是, 虽然标题表明, 电子尾矿的急剧上升, 仔细看看数字显示, 电子尾矿仍然是一个很长的方式, 以成为主要的购物方式。 


风险字节 #19 – E Vs R 尾矿


本周的第一篇文章, e vs R 尾矿, 是根据第三季度收益报告, 对电子零售商和砂浆零售商之间表现出明显差异的评论。当我们预期并试图将未来的条件考虑在内时, 对电子商务的日益增长的偏好就开始形成了可能的趋势。


风险字节 #18 –利率


本周的主要文章, 利率和评级利息, 是对利率和资产价格之间的关系的评论, 这是面对预期加息的一个相关话题。 


风险字节 #17 –印度电子商务: 一个充满活力的机会


本周的主要文章是印度电子商务: 一个充满活力的机会, 是对印度电子商务机会的评论。


Venture Bytes #16 – Can’t Rise From the Ashes While Denying the Fire

on September 24, 2015

This week’s lead article is Can’t Rise From the Ashes While Denying the Fire, is a commentary on the pre-IPO tech valuations. We believe the best and most heady days are on pause. The worst days are not coming back.


Venture Edition #15 – Return to Risk-On

on August 27, 2015

This week’s lead article, Return to Risk-On, is topical given the turmoil in the public markets. Across growing geographies we are now seeing sudden and pronounced displays of the inherent risk of risk assets. We are also seeing a sudden, mass re-acknowledgement of risk. Many start-ups will find a positive path through the difficulty that is worsening and spreading through public markets, commodity prices, developing world currencies and macro economies. We will see more caution and cautiously funded evolution and a bit less hype and claims to revolution.


Venture Bytes #14 – Digital Ads – Time to Follow the Growing Crowds

on August 17, 2015

This week’s lead article is titled Digital Ads – Time To Follow The Growing Crowds. Digital advertising spending in the emerging markets lags the developed markets. Twitter, for instance, gets 36% of its total revenues from international markets when 77% of its user base is international. Facebook gets 51% of revenues from the international markets when a whopping 85% of its monthly active users are outside the United States and Canada. What gives? We believe digital ad platforms need to proactively position themselves to follow the growing crowds.


风险字节 #13 –用户生成的 (Dis) 内容


本周的主要文章, 用户生成 (Dis) 内容, 是一个评论, 财富的差异, 在用户生成的内容 (教资会) 公司。YouTube 是教资会的一条道路夹克, 它有一个很强的季度。Facebook 继续表现良好, Twitter 继续挣扎。吠声仍然在绳索上。猫鼬, 潜望镜和其他许多人正在咬他们的愈合, 或提供广播视频机会, 作为下一个迭代的教资会。盛大的 "我们" 似乎要表演, 展示和流自己。投资者一直很兴奋。粉丝们已经实现了, 但增长却是一个挑战。


风险字节 #12-比特币-仍在等待临界点


本周的主要文章, 比特币--仍在等待临界点, 这是今天最突出的数字货币的评论。作为一个庞氏骗局, 毒品贩子和洗钱者选择的货币, 一个没有内在价值的不切实际的货币, 比特币已经看到了它所占的怀疑。平衡所有的消极与增长的风险投资在比特币初创公司和越来越多的商家接受比特币, 你有一个抓的素质!我们相信, 比特币正在作为一个可行的价值存储地获得基础, 但仍远未被大规模采用。


风险字节 #11-流的未来?


This week’s lead article, Streaming The Future? is a commentary on Apple music and the streaming music category. Apple is set to debut it’s new streaming music offering. The roll out will be by way of an iOS update to hundreds of millions devices and fans. Apple is offering a service that is very similar to the present market leader, Spotify.

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