Manhattan Venture Research offers proprietary research coverage on later stage venture capital financed technology companies and the ecosystems within which they operate

Private Market Coverage

MVR professionals were the first to initiate private market coverage
on Facebook, Twitter, Square, Pinterest, Cloudera, Spotify, Pandora, Alibaba and more


MVR releases the VentureBytes newsletter and “Liquidity Watchlist” publically to keep investors informed

Laser Focused

The MVR Team is specifically focused on researching specific private companies and informing on how the global macro landscape effects such companies

Sought After

Quoted widely in industry publications from WSJ, Financial Times, NYT, CNBC & Bloomberg

Deep Experience

Over 20 years of combined experience initiating and distributing research on the TMT sector

Inside Insights

MVR conducts channel checks with suppliers, customers, and investors to get a holistic view of the company

Top Down – Bottom Up

MVR utilizes fundamental bottom up, microeconomic as well as top down, macro economic criteria

加入15k 风险字节订户

风险字节是每月的洞察力报告, 重点介绍了全球技术领域的主题理念、当前趋势和新出现的机会。

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