Funding a New Venture? Diversification? Fund Expiring?

MVP offers diversification to institutional and individual shareholders of leading VC backed technology companies. Our involvement in tech investments has helped produce over $2 billion in invested capital across some 30 plus businesses with greater than 20 liquidity events.

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Current Trend

Many of today’s VC backed technology companies are staying private for approximately nine years or more. As a result there is a greater need for diversification by entrepreneurs, employees and institutional shareholders seeking to bridge the gap to a liquidity event.

What we can offer you

MVP can offer shareholders liquidity from private holdings in a compliant and confidential process. This can be done either from an MVP Fund or via our global network of investors.

Our Experience

MVP Partners have been involved in a wide variety of assignments, including early and late stage VC, PIPE, M&A projects and secondary direct transactions. This has lead to extensive experience in investment banking, business operations, acquisition integration and board work.

Why sell your shares?


Seeking Liquidity

Home Purchase

Getting Married

Realize Gains

Payoff Student Loans

Fund a New Venture


Getting Divorced


Why Sell? Today’s Companies Stay Private 3x longer and are 5x bigger than in 1999

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