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MVP negotiates and arranges for the private purchase of securities in later stage, VC backed, Pre-IPO technology companies in a manner tailored for family offices and high net worth investors.

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Current Trend

Today’s VC backed companies are staying private longer, raising later and larger rounds of funding, developing more mature businesses and employing larger workforces than ever before. As a result, much of the value creation in these enterprises has already been generated before their IPOs or acquisitions.

What we can offer you

For High Net Worth and Family Office Investors, MVP offers a unique and innovative investment option through the MVP Opportunity Fund family of special purpose vehicles.

Our Experience

Many of today’s VC backed technology companies are staying private for approximately nine years or more. As a result there is a greater need for diversification by entrepreneurs, employees and institutional shareholders seeking to bridge the gap to a liquidity event.

Changing IPO Landscape

Elongated private Life-Cycle of tech companies has created new investment opportunities

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