An Organized Approach to a Disorganized Market™

MVP negotiates and arranges for the private purchase of securities in later stage, Pre-IPO technology companies for institutional investors. Our Partners have been involved in greater than $2B in private technology transactions.

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Current Trend

Today’s VC backed technology companies are staying private longer, raising later and larger rounds of funding. The longer gestation period of these organizations creates a need for diversification among the current and former employee base, entrepreneurs and early investors – thus opening the opportunity for outside institutional investors to acquire shares.

MVP Value Proposition

MVP offers exclusive access to direct investments with a structured process and transparent fee structure. We also provide proprietary fundamental bottom up company specific as well as broader macroeconomic top down research through our affiliate Manhattan Venture Research.

Our Experience

Many of today’s VC backed technology companies are staying private for approximately nine years or more. As a result there is a greater need for diversification by entrepreneurs, employees and institutional shareholders seeking to bridge the gap to a liquidity event.

Why Invest in Secondary Direct Venture Transactions?

Nearer-Term Liquidity

Late-stage companies are significantly closer to an IPO or acquisition, thus resulting in shorter holding periods

Optimal Access

Investing in companies that are still private may represent a better entry point than waiting until the company’s go public

Pre-IPO Access

Access to IPO allocations are frequently not available to smaller investors and constrained for institutional investors

Mature Companies

Investments in companies with established business models, solid management teams and multiple capital sources

Anatomy of a Secondary Direct Transaction

Negotiation with
seller on pricing

Notice of proposed
transfer to company

Right of First
Refusal process

Purchase agreement


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