Attract, retain and reward employees through managed Secondary Share Sales

Broad Suite of Structures

MVP offers a broad suite of structures to clean up your cap table and manage employee liquidity needs in a proven,
compliant and company friendly manner

Recruit & Retain

Enables companies to more effectively recruit and retain key talent in an ultra-competitive labor market. Utilize our capital to provide your employees with an “Off Balance Sheet Bonus.”

Confidential Transaction

MVP offers a range of liquidity solutions and helps companies choose the option or combination of options to most effectively meet their needs while maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion throughout the process of our transactions.

Secondary As A Service

MVP acts as a “pressure relief valve” for early investors and employees, therefore prevents a company from conducting a premature IPO or acquisition. We run a formal secondary offering where we act as principal and/or agent.

Helping Companies Grow in the Private Markets

In order to address these challenges, companies need to develop flexible liquidity programs that can adapt to company and employee needs over time, the cornerstone of the MVP value proposition.

Secondary As A Service

Secondary as a Service™ is a formal secondary offering structured internally at the company in collaboration with our team at MVP. MVP invests as a principal and acts as a book runner with access to company management.

ROFR Partner

The company forwards a notice of proposed transfer on behalf of a selling shareholder to MVP who runs the transaction through the company defined “Right of First Refusal” process and becomes the investor in the proposed transaction.

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