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Facebook’s acquisitions won’t age well: Economist

on October 29, 2014

Max Wolff says that while Facebook’s user base is impressive and mobile growth is strong, some of its acquisitions may not age well.


Profiting in the cloud – CNBC Closing Bell

on October 20, 2014

Discussing competition in the cloud and what it will take to win the crowded space, with Ben Parr, DominateFund, and Max Wolff, Manhattan Venture Partners.


‘US economy overtaken for the first time since WW2’ –

on October 9, 2014

Max Wolff on RT China has surpassed the US in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity, becoming the largest in the world by this measure, International Monetary Fund estimates show.


Worried about BlackBerry: Manhattan Venture Partners – BNN

on September 26, 2014

Max Wolff, Chief Economist, Manhattan Venture Partners, talks about BlackBerry earnings and lists what’s going good, bad and ugly for the company.


CNBC – Yahoo stock brawl: Activist play?

on September 23, 2014

In the wake of Alibaba’s IPO, Andrew Keene, Keene on the Markets founder, and Max Wolff, Manhattan Venture Partners chief economist, discuss Yahoo’s business model and how to play the stock.


Economic forecast of Alibaba.

on September 22, 2014

CNN’s Maggie Lake and Chief Economist at Manhattan Venture Partners, Max Wolff, discuss the economic forecast of Alibaba.


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