Month: August 2019

WeWork Continues Consolidation Spree with Acquisition of Spacious

August 29, 2019

“That’s their whole differentiating factor—they want to be the go-to place for on-demand space,” Santosh Rao, head of research at Manhattan Venture Partners, told Fortune. “WeWork wants to be ubiquitous, and to meet any needs for everyone. Big, small, anytime, anywhere—that’s their goal, that’s their mission.” Because of their supposed everything-for-everyone mentality, Rao suggests, the Spacious acquisition “beef[s] up their portfolio” given the company’s specialty in retail-level space.

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Macro and geopolitical events driving market volatility: Santosh Rao, Manhattan Venture Partners

August 27, 2019

It is in the best interest of both US and China to come to a point where both think that they won, says Santosh Rao, head of research, Manhattan Venture Partners.

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Investors Jostle for Pre-IPO Stake in Impossible Foods

August 25, 2019

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Andrea Lamari Walne, a San Francisco-based partner at merchant bank Manhattan Venture Partners, adding that interest picked up after Beyond Meat went public in May. “Investors from Turkey through the U.K. are calling us at all hours. They’re trying to find a way to get in the stock.”

The company hasn’t shared any plans to go public. However, at the time of Impossible’s most recent fundraise, Chief Financial Officer David Lee said the financing likely would be the company’s last or second-to-last private round before an initial public offering.

Manhattan Venture Partners recently obtained more than $20 million of stock in Impossible Foods through an investment vehicle, Ms. Walne said.

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Sarah Kunst’s Cleo Capital Raises $3.5 Million To Boost Women Decision Makers In VC

August 21, 2019

Andrea Walne, a partner at Manhattan Venture Partners, told me last month about how she’s noticing a growing class of female venture capitalists. No longer are we in a world where venture capitalists have to come from a male-dominated semiconductor and computer chip industry, she said. Walne herself came into venture capital from an “untraditional” path, coming from a job as a director at Carta, which helps startups manage equity for employees.

“There’s a new subset of venture capitalists,” she said, referring to a rising class of female venture capitalists.

That said, Walne said  “there’s no one better suited than Sarah to utilize the network effects of the strongest females in the Valley to identify untapped, female-led opportunities.”

“She understands that there are so few women who have built recognizable startups that when they spot a good opportunity they know exactly which characteristics make them attractive investment opportunities,” she added.

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Expect one more rate cut by Fed, not sure beyond that: Santosh Rao, Manhattan Venture Partners

August 1, 2019

More than Trump, the Fed’s hand was forced by the emerging markets, by the rest of the world slowing down, says Santosh Rao, Head of Research, Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners. Excerpts from an interview with ETNOW.

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