Month: October 2018

Race for the IPO – How Lyft wants to overtake its big competitor Uber

October 23, 2018

If Lyft is faster than Uber, there are likely to be several benefits to the car hire broker: “First going to Wall Street will benefit from an advance of trust and a higher rating,” says Santosh Rao of New York-based investment firm Manhattan Ventures , He’s in a hurry. “The prospects for the IPOs of tech start-ups are still good. But there will be a market correction. “

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New trade pact between Canada, Mexico and USA gives greater access to poultry

October 3, 2018

Manhattan Venture Partners Research Director, Santosh Rao, identified the biggest beneficiaries from the deal:

“I think overall, the industrials will be good. And Canada is a big partner in terms of energy, in terms of everything. I think all that will have some spillover effect. Overall positive sentiment will flow into everything. And Canada is one of our biggest trading partners. So I would say that a number of industries, leading off with farming, autos and other industrials.”

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