Month: January 2018

With 70 Million Subscribers and a Risky IPO Strategy, Is Spotify Too Big to Fail?

January 24, 2018

Today, estimates of Spotify’s market valuation are $19 billion, up from $16 billion in September. “It’s the golden boy, the ‘Star Wars’ of the music industry,” says Santosh Rao, head of research at Manhattan Venture Partners, who has been covering Spotify for several years.

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How Dropbox Could Lead a Charge of Tech IPOs in 2018

January 17, 2018

Dropbox’s exposure to the enterprise market could give it an edge when it comes to discussions about its cloud rivals, which include big players such as Microsoft Inc. (MSFT – Get Report) , Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL – Get Report) , Apple Inc. (AAPL – Get Report) , Inc. (AMZN– Get Report) and Box Inc. (BOX – Get Report) , among others. Enterprise customers tend to be “stickier” because contracts last for about two to three years, while consumers can easily switch between cloud providers, said Santosh Rao, head of research at investment bank Manhattan Venture Partners.

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Spotify Chief Content Officer Stefan Blom Exits

January 5, 2018

Stefan BlomSpotify’s chief content officer, is leaving the company after a little more than three years — and just as the music-streaming provider is about to launch an initial public offering.

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