Alphabet Q2 earnings better than expected | Money Talks

on July 26, 2018

US tech giant Alphabet seems to be doing very well regardless of the fines it has been hit with. It’s second quarter profits have beaten analysts’ estimates. Revenues at Google’s parent company rose sharply in the three months to June and that’s despite a huge fine levied by European regulators. We speak to Santosh Rao, Head of Research at Manhattan Venture Partners.

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Uber settles with Waymo

on February 9, 2018

Alphabet’s self-driving car unit settled its trade secrets dispute with the ride-hailing firm, Uber. As Fred Katayama reports, Uber promised not to use Waymo’s technology in its autonomous vehicles.

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US tech giants report quarterly earnings | Money Talks

on February 6, 2018

The world’s biggest tech companies have opened their financial books for the year. From Amazon and Apple to Facebook and Alphabet, the industry’s giants have reported their quarterly earnings, with results ranging from big gains to big losses, as Kerry Alexandra reports. We are joined by Santosh Rao, Head of Research at Manhattan Venture Partners in New York, and TRT World Editor-at-Large Craig Copetas in Paris.

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Alphabet on the race to $1000

on June 6, 2017

Santosh Rao comments on Alphabet as the stock nears $1000

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Can Google’s Duo take on the competition?

on August 16, 2016

CNBC’s Jon Fortt shares details of Google’s new video chat app Duo, and its potential battle against Apple’s Facetime. Max Wolff, Manhattan Venture Partners, adds perspective.

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Google earnings: Investors hunt for ‘moonshot’ clues

on April 21, 2016

Google parent company¬†Alphabet reports earnings after the bell Thursday, but investors may be paying more attention to what’s ahead for the company’s various “moonshots.” Max Wolff from Manhattan Venture Partners comments.

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