Venture Bytes #38 – Is Uber-Ola Partnership Next?

Venture Bytes #38 – Is Uber-Ola Partnership Next?

on September 19, 2017

The two lead articles are on Uber and Bitcoins, respectively. Following Uber’s recent decision to scale back operations in Russia, on the heels of its exit from China, we explore the possibility of a similar retrenchment in India with a partnership agreement with Ola – the incumbent leader. The Bitcoin article is our take on Howard Marks’ recent comment that the Bitcoin mania is a classic pyramid scheme.

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Venture Bytes #37 – Uber – Our CEO Pick

on July 5, 2017

The two lead articles, Uber – Our CEO Pick and Which Way to Exit – IPO or M&A?, are very topical given the current events. As dust settles following a series of scandals that rocked Uber, outsiders are left to wonder how will they fix this? The answer is simple: a new CEO with uber qualifications. We have identified the ideal candidate for the job opening. The second article is our take on the IPO or M&A exit decision that private companies will have to make in the face of tepid to poor reception by public market investors for unprofitable companies.

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Venture Bytes #36 – A Cloud for All

on June 30, 2017

The two lead articles “A Cloud for All” and “Cryptocurrencies Go Parabolic” are on the growing ubiquity of cloud computing and the parabolic rise of cryptocurrencies, respectively. In just the last month, several tech giants have paved the way for making advanced machine learning and cloud computing technology increasingly available to smaller firms, pointing to a greater emphasis on cloud technology and advanced artificial intelligence as the future of computing. In the second article we have put in perspective the massive runups in several cryptocurrencies.

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Venture Bytes #35 – Net Neutrality – Back to the Future?

on June 7, 2017

The two lead articles are on the net neutrality debate and Snap’s new search feature respectively. Net Neutrality is a hot button issue and appears to be reverting back in favor of the broadband carriers, if the new FCC commissioner gets his way. Snap’s new search feature could improve the content discovery on the site and make it more attractive to new users and advertisers.

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Venture Bytes #34 – Google Misfires

on April 5, 2017

This first lead article titled “Google Misfires” is our take on the backlash from the major brands following the improper ad placements on YouTube. The second article “A Stumble or a Fall” handicaps Samsung’s odds of winning back the trust and reputation with its new Galaxy S8 phone, given that hardware companies – unlike software and services companies – don’t get the benefit of three strikes before they are out.

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Venture Bytes #33 – Snap Out of It

on March 6, 2017

This edition’s two lead articles are titled “Snap Out of It” and “A Culture of Smoke & Mirrors”. The Snap article highlights the risk of basing the bull case of the story on the Millennial user base, which tends to be trendy and fickle. The second article is our take on the recent sexual harassment issue at Uber and the general culture in Silicon Valley firms.

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Venture Bytes #32 – All Competition is Local

on February 1, 2017

We have two lead articles. The first “All Competition is Local” is a nod to strong competition from local incumbents in the international markets. The second lead article is titled “AI has Arrived”. With the technology maturing, funds flowing and the pace of acquisitions accelerating, AI has arrived and is well positioned to be transformational.

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Venture Bytes #31 – Riding Out the Regulatory Turbulence

on January 4, 2017

For this edition of VB we are back to two lead articles. The first one: “Trump Rally and the Binary Impact” touches on the regulatory skirmishes that the gig economy companies are facing – and continue to face – as the debate over creative disruption and the status quo rages on. The second article: “Infrastructure Investment Benefits Go Beyond the Industrial Sector” states our case that the Technology sector will be a big beneficiary of the infrastructure spending that President-elect Trump has promised to unleash.

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Venture Bytes #30 – Trump Rally and the Binary Impact

on December 12, 2016

The lead article, Trump Rally and the Binary Impact, suggests that both the public and private markets have reasons to worry and rejoice in anticipation of how the dust will settle.

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Venture Bytes #29 – Is Public the New Private?

on November 21, 2016

The two lead articles are Is Public the New Private? and It’s the Content Stupid. The first one looks at the public valuations and the second is our takeaway from the AT&T – Time Warner proposed merger.

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