Working with Partners to provide access to Tomorrow's IPOs Today™

MVP works with select joint venture partners globally; providing access to unique investments, a proven framework and proprietary research on the private markets

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Are you on the Outside Looking In?

Given the fundamental structural change taking place in private growth equity, companies are staying private longer; raising significant rounds of late-stage private funding pre-IPO; are going public at substantial larger pre-money valuations than a decade ago.

What MVP can Offer You

International investors are hungry for, but generally unable to access, these fast growing, late-stage companies’ return potential. MVP very selectively partners with global institutions and offers proven, innovative and structured investment opportunities that their clients would otherwise never see.

MVP Value

Our value lies in our access and insights, which permits us to get in before the public markets and provide our Partners access to exclusive, high quality, well capitalized businesses at compelling entry valuations.

Why work with MVP?

Opportunity to invest in a unique asset class
  • Growing, but structurally inefficient, secondary market creates numerous attractive opportunities
  • Ability to invest in late-stage companies experiencing substantial growth, typically at a discount to recent primary funding round
  • Sweet spot of investing in next-generation technology leaders after technology has been proven and adopted
Collaborative team of experts with a strong track record
  • Partners have a history of arranging transactions and managing SPV’s that have achieved exceptional returns
  • Senior investment professionals bring historical context to their research and valuation metrics from their experience across various market and economic cycles
  • Open architecture facilitates the sharing of ideas and complementary skill sets across the firm
Deep fundamental research including macro analysis
  • Macroeconomic and secular trend analysis utilized to determine optimal selection and timing
  • Proprietary valuation models specifically designed to evaluate secondary investments
  • Rigorous due diligence and monitoring capabilities, given limited available public information, are key to successful outcomes