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Private Investor

Family Offices, Qualified
& Accredited Investors


Institutional Investor

Hedge, Mutual, Pension
& Sovereign Wealth Funds



Joint Venture Relationships
& Syndication Partners


Research Report

Proprietary insights on mid to late stage private technology companies


Private Firmen Bibliothek

Simple and informative factsheets on Tomorrow’s IPOs Today™


Venture bytes

A monthly insight report highlighting topical ideas, current trends and emerging opportunities in the global technology landscape


Liquiditäts wacht-Liste

A proprietary list of the top-25 private companies in the TMT space that are candidates for a liquidity event within the next 18 months


Funding a New Venture? Diversification? Fund Expiring?

MVP offers diversification to institutional and individual shareholders of leading VC backed technology companies. Our involvement in tech investments has helped produce over $2 billion in invested capital across some 30 plus businesses with greater than 20 liquidity events.


The Leader in the
Secondary Direct Market for

Venture Backed Technology Companies

Secondary Market

The purchase of shares in late-stage venture-backed companies from existing shareholders

The Sellers

Employees, Angel investors, early-stage VCs, traditional VCs, and more.

Growing Market

Scale, agility and global reach create multibillion dollar valuations, allowing these companies to raise billions privately

The Buyers

Family Offices, High-net worth individuals and Institutions looking for access to high quality late stage private technology company equity

Media Partners

Schließen Sie sich den Abonnenten von 15K Venture bytes

Venture Bytes ist ein monatlicher Insight-Bericht, der aktuelle Ideen, aktuelle Trends und aufstrebende Chancen in der globalen Technologielandschaft beleuchtet